Define app name once

It's common for the name of an application to change. So, you should define the app name (and acronym) in a single place. This is just an example of the Don't Repeat Yourself rule.

If you repeat the app name in many places, and the app name later changes, you'll need to manually apply that change in many places. A well-designed program anticipates the ways in which it's most likely to change. Of course, it's not possible to predict the future with certainty, but it is possible to make intelligent guesses.

There are different options for how quickly an app name can be changed:

Note that a name change can have ripple effects because of grammar issues. Here's an example. Say the app name is Apricot System, and the app generates this message:

An Apricot System support person will contact you shortly.

If the name changes to Banana System, and you do a simple search-and-replace on text, you get this unimpressive and ungrammatical result:

An Banana System support person will contact you shortly.
Of course, the article should change, and it should really be:
A Banana System support person will contact you shortly.

Because of such grammar issues, it's best to avoid placing the app name (and even the app acronym) in a sentence, if possible. Generic language such as system might be useful in this regard, since it's not sensitive to changes in the app name.

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