Handle InterruptedException

In thread-related code, you will often need to handle an InterruptedException. There are two common ways of handling it:

In the second case, the standard style is:

try {
  ...thread-related code...
catch(InterruptedException ex){
  ...perhaps some error handling here...
  //re-interrupt the current thread


In multi-threaded code, threads can often block; the thread pauses execution until some external condition is met, such as :

Threads can be interrupted. An interrupt asks a thread to stop what it's doing in an orderly fashion. However, the exact response to the interrupt depends on the thread's state, and how the thread is implemented:

if the thread is currently blocking 
  stop blocking early
  throw InterruptedException
else thread is doing real work
  thread's interrupted status is set to true
  if thread polls isInterrupted() periodically
    (which is preferred)
    orderly cleanup and stop execution
    throw InterruptedException
    regular execution continues
The main idea here is that an interrupt should not shutdown a thread immediately, in the middle of a computation. Rather, a thread and it's caller communicate with each other to allow for an orderly shutdown.

See also this article by Brian Goetz.