Refactor large Controllers

Implementations of HttpServlet are sometimes informally called Controller classes (or Action classes). They form the entry point of client HTTP requests into a web app.

A common problem with Controllers is that they become too large. Since the flow of control starts out in the Controller, there's a strong tendency to keep adding more and more code to the same place. But that's usually a mistake. You should not really think of the Controller as being in control. Rather, you should think of the Service as being in control. (From this perspective, the term Controller is a bit of a misnomer.)

Here's a summary of the distinction between Controller and Service:

As such, Controller classes should usually be fairly compact. If your Controller methods become large, or have service-logic in them, then you should consider moving that code into a Service class of some sort.

(The distinction between Controller and Service can be more than just a desire for clear design. When using the Spring framework, there are actually some important functional differences between Controller and Service classes.)

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