Consider immutable forms for dates

Some programmers prefer to store date fields not as java.util.Date objects, but in an immutable form such as a long, or an immutable object (such as a DateTime from the date4j library).

Reasons for preferring an immutable representation:


Here, a simple long is used to encapsulate a date:


import java.util.*;

public final class Movie {

  public Movie(String aTitle, long aReleaseDate){
    fTitle = aTitle;
    fReleaseDate = aReleaseDate;

  public Movie(String aTitle, Date aReleaseDate){
    this(aTitle, aReleaseDate.getTime());

  * The caller of this method decides on the
  * presentation format of the date, if necessary.
  public long getReleaseDate(){
    return fReleaseDate;

  public String getTitle() {
    return fTitle;

  //..other methods elided

  private String fTitle;
  private long fReleaseDate;

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