package hirondelle.stocks.util;

* Hides low-level exceptions in a higher-level abstraction, to hide details
* regarding the data storage mechanism. 
* See <a href=>Data Exception Wrapping</a>
* topic for discussion.
*<P> Every constructor maps to a corresponding <tt>Exception</tt> constructor.
* See <tt>Exception</tt> for all conditions on constructor arguments.
* <P><tt>Throwable.getStackTrace</tt> returns all underlying exceptions.
* <tt>Throwable.getCause</tt> returns the underlying cause.
public final class DataAccessException extends Exception { 

  public DataAccessException(){

  public DataAccessException(String aMessage) {

  public DataAccessException(String aMessage, Throwable aThrowable){
    super(aMessage, aThrowable);

  public DataAccessException(Throwable aThrowable){